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My eyes open. It was a blinding light at first. But then when my eyes adjusted I found myself in what looked like a recovery room. Most of my body burned. Or felt like it was. As I went to rub my face I noticed it felt smoother. They must have shaved my face......really good. I felt no stubble at all. Maybe that's why my body feels so hot. They did that laser hair removal thing I have heard about. But my whole body felt different though. As I rubbed my hands over my chest the pressure was tremendous. My breasts seemed like they were bigger. Not really big though. Just little lumps it seems. Not as big as that amazon bitch said they were going to be. My butt felt numb. When I went to feel it with my hands it felt slightly rounder then I remembered. Not that I always felt my butt or anything. Then I grabbed my dick. It was still there. But it felt smaller. Why would she lie to me about my dick getting bigger? I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I sat up try to rub the sleep from my eyes. Putting my hands down I looked forward. In front of me was a mirror. And in that mirror was a person who's face I kind of know but wasn't sure. It was me. A more of a girlish version of me, but me non the less. My hair! My hair was PINK! It was silkier then it used to me. I was naked save for a pair of silky panties. I step out of the bed to look at myself. I was a total girl. Hips were thin. My ass is very round. My chest looks very girly as in I'm growing boobs. Like I'm a teen age girl going through puberty. My body was so sensitive. I couldn't stop touching myself. I also noticed that I had a bracelet on my left wrist. It was like a hospital bracelet that had the word "Aithne." What kind of word is that? It was then that the door opened. It was That doctor.

"Hello Aithne," she said. Was she talking to me. "Let's take a look at you. Put your arms out, girl." Since she was a doctor I did as I was told. She walked around me poking me here and there. "Looks good so far. How do you feel?"

"Very sensitive."

"Good. Your Breasts will grow in the next day or so. their permeate state. Still a few cup sizes to go. You are still at an A cup right now. Your penis?"

"Smaller. Then it was." I made sure she knew I was mad about it.

"It will grow bigger in the next weeks. Don't worry. Butt?"

"Bigger. Can't feel it."

"It will gain it's feeling in a few hours, Aithne."

"Why are you calling me that?"

"That is your new name. You will get a new last name later. That will be be up to your Mistress when the time comes."

"So it's really happening?"

"Kid," she sighed and took her glasses off and looked at me. "You are going to be in a new place. With new people. You will be here as long as it takes......"

"To break me."

"Well that but.......To free you. To give you the lesson of the life time. Plus it gives you more respect for females. You are here cause you disrespected a well mannered woman. As much as you may think she isn't, she really is a lovable person. She only gets as mad as you had seen when someone pushes her over the limit. I've seen it. It's nasty. However, if people would just respect her more then she wouldn't be so nasty. Make since?" I Shrugged and nodded. "We may seem like we're going to break you, but it's for your own good. Punishments are inevitable but you can avoid a lot of them if you keep your head up and do as you're told. Dose this sound simple to you?" Again I nodded. "Girl you need to get into the habit in saying Yes Miss Michelle. Miss Any Domme that is here. Always address your superiors as such. Less punishments that way. Understand?"

"Yes Miss Michelle."

"Much better." She wrote on her clip board. "Miss Cardixia la Mans will be your mentor. She is very good. She needs six months in mentoring of freshmen. What she doesn't need is a little shit fucking her up. She is about to enter the Domme training that she wants and has earned. It's not easy to come here and leave a Domme. Don't hate her. She was only following orders. She has stopped by a few times while you were out. She thinks you're beautiful. She can't wait to get her hands on you. But she has to fully wait until you are fully develop. No sex. Sure you may have to lick and suck some one for the first few weeks, but no touching of your penis or anus."

"No one is touching my anus!"

"Oh little girl, you have no say in that until you're free. If you are to be free. Most stay with a Mistress. In some fashion anyways. Most that come here are tied to their wives or girlfriends. They keep them under their thumbs. Most deserve their fate. Some of the women just want them this way for no reason. You are lucky."

"Humph. How and I'm lucky?"

"You're single. You are attached to no one. Which gives you a lot of options if you make it through. Maybe Cardixia will take you on. Full time. That isn't unheard of. A mentor takes on their apprentice. It could be the best for you."

She looked me over a few more times and ask a few more questions. I answered as best as I could until the door opened. IN walked Lorana. "Well how is our new girl?" she asked Michelle stopping right in front of me. Big smile on her face. Michelle adjusted her glasses.

"She'll be ready for full training in two weeks. I did some calculating: Her breast will be no smaller then DD. Her penis will be 9 inches tops. With proper training, her waist will be at most 24 inches. Which is almost 6 inches from where she is now. Bend over girl." I did as I was told as the women walked around me. They were inspecting my ass. "Her anus seems that it can expand about five inches in circumference. Add in with that ratio she should be able to take 10 inches easily. Her X-ray shows her rectum and insistence reconfigured to perfection." She slapped my ass as she told me to straighten up, which I did. "Her ass can take real punishment. It is very durable while still giving the pain and sensitivity. She will bleed but it will heal in half the time then it normally would, which is good for this one I assume. It should finish rounding out in a few days. But no severe punishment until the end of next week when the whole body develops. I know you want to put her through the ringer but if you do it now, you will damage her for good. Miss Dumas will not like that."

"I know I know. I know I won't be her Mistress either. I do want one shot at her though." They giggled a bit as Michelle went back to her examination of me to Lorana.

"After taking some blood samples, her matabalisim is through the roof. She can eat twenty cheese burgers and not gain anything. As long as she has regular sex rate of course. Her sperm is in good health. Though they are dormant until we reestablish them. Her testicles will grow but will go into her body like they suppose to. From how I can see their sperm productivity will be massive. Not as much as Bedwyr, Cardixia, Enid, or Gwernaeh, but still enough to coat someone. It will also leak into her anus for lube when she is totally turned on. Not a lot. Just enough to help the entering penis gain smooth entry. We will try when her body fully develops. She is now 5'4", so her shrink was a success. Her feet is now a size 7 women's. Piercings will be great for her body since it will heal greatly. Open your mouth, girl." Again I did as I was told. I didn't want Lorana to punish me right then and there. "Her tongue will maybe grow another half inch. Pretty disappointing but still pleasurable. Of course the taste of sperm will turn her on. If Cardixia is going to be her mentor, then she will be totally drunk with lust. Blow jobs will be easier because of her jaw and throat positioning, which is also a success. A perfect slut she will be." She lifted my chin to close my mouth. "Now Lorana, She is going to be giving off the highest potent pharamones I have ever smelled. Normally it's very light and almost undetectable to females. Her, you'll totally smell but thankfully it has a very pleasant smell.  The other....gurls, will be wanting to rape her constantly. It is good that we teach restraint here. They will be all over her."

"That is good to hear. Maybe one day I'll leave her in a room with a few and let them have at her."  

"Remember to ask permission," Michelle said pointing to her. She took off her glasses before talking again. "Miss Dumas wants to see her in the next few hours. Who will be her room mate?"

"I don't know. Miss Dumas will choose for her I guess. She wants me to take her there. She can go like this. Her new clothes is in her room where ever it is. So Miss Dumas only knows. Aithne, are you ready to go meet the head Mistress?"

"Ye-Yes Miss Lorana," I answered a little scared now that I was even more shorter then her.

"Wow she's learning already."

"I may have got into her head before you came in. But I think she will be a good sub. Ohh she will get punished I'm sure. But not to much. She is ready if you want to take her. I'll let her know you are bringing her." Michelle then left the room. It was then then that Lorana stood in from of me and smiled.

"Well, here is the deal, little girl. You are about to meet the lady in charge.  You will be on your best behavior. She makes all the decisions here. You are to respect her at all times. While I am the one that brought you here, she is your captor. She may not be a hard bitch like I can be sometimes,  but she has her moments. It's best that you do as she says. Now come with me. Yes you are going to walk through campus in only in your panties. This will be your first humiliation punishment. I'm sure you will turn beet red as everyone sees you. No one has been through this. They will know you are special. They will want you. Of course they will already smell you. The gurl's will be hard for you. Get use of everyone wanting you."  

She took my hand and led me out of the room. Already I was embarrassed. I wanted to cover up my breast. I don't know why. I've been shirtless before. Now that they are growing I feel I have to cover up. We passed several people in that first ward, which was I learned earlier, was the medical ward. As we got into the main hallway though, there were more people. Some were these Dominate looking women wearing either sexy tight business suits or latex fetish type outfits. The others were like me. Girls with mostly unnatural hair colors, outrageous breast, and in either some forms of undress like a fetish fit with barley there covers or no covering at all for there privates but covered completely everywhere else.   Their dicks out, which were huge. The other "gurls" were in maid outfits. Their stances are proper and straight. The heels of their shoes where very high, and all have stockings or hose on. Is this going to be my life for however long I'm here. We turned out of the lobby after I kept feeling eyes all over me. Walking down this long corridor, Lorana's ass led me down it with her heels clicking all the way.   We came to a large set of double doors at the end of the hall.

"This is the Head Mistress' office," she told me before turning to glare down at me.  "You are only allowed to look at her if she lets you. You are to respect her no matter what. Her word is law here, and if she says you are to be punished, there is no getting out of it. So if I were you, I would mind my manners." She opened the door and led me in. The office was amazing and classy. It looks old but everything was neat and clean that I could tell. I tried not to look over the big wooden desk to the woman who was sitting at it.  I took a small glance at the Lady who was sitting there. Adoring face with long blond hair. I forced my eyes down before she could look up and Lorana's hand gripped my shoulder and pushed me down as in to make me kneel.

"Miss Aithne," She called over the desk with a sweet but stern tone. Lorana lightly taped the side of my bum to urge me on.

"Y-Yes Head Mistress," I responded with a squeaky voice.

"At least you know your place." She got up out of her chair and walked around the right side of her desk to my left. I saw her black heels out of the corner of my eye as they came in to view. I could tell she was wearing hose or stockings made of silk. She bent down and took my chin into her fingers and pulled my head and eyes up. She looked beautiful. Deep ocean blue eyes, with long blond hair that is tied into a high pony tail. Her business suit was super tight and her skirt is barely covered her ass. Her giant breast was trying to bust through her white blouse. But those eyes burned into mine. I was totally turned on. Turned on so much I felt my panties getting wet. It was funny because I didn't get hard as I thought I would. But I was leaking out of somewhere. Miss Dumas knew though. She smirked as my situation I was in. She straiten up and hopped on her desk. She crossed her legs and I could see she was wearing hose.

"Leg gurl, huh," she smiled after licking her lips."This is good to know. I will have to let Cardixia in on your little fetish" I blushed full red as I do look at women's legs a lot of times. For her to figure that out made me feel even more exposed then I was before. "So are you up to date on what goes on here? If not I'll tell you anyways. You are here to be trained as a sex maid. You will constantly be on edge all the time. Always horny, always in lust, heat." She grinned as she said that last word. "Eyes down slut," she said as she got off the desk and walked around me. "Her sent is stronger. Dose that mean the gurls will want her more?"

"That's what Michelle said," Lorana responded. "She will make the others lust for her 50 yards away."

"I'm a normal woman standing right in front of her and I want to put on my strap-on, throw her back, and shove it in her girly ass until I stop wetting myself. Girl you are going to get fuck while you are here." She walked back in front of me and put her shoe on top of my thigh. Again, I was so turned on but I wasn't getting erect but leaking from where I'm guessing my ass. So Cardixia is your Mentor/Domme. you are to do as she she tells you and love it. Though she is under us she is your superior. Yes I am over her, Lorana is over her, But she is in the Dominate program that's just not for everyone. Lorana's male accountant who always did a wonderful job but was always lonely and depressed.  Lorana took pity on her. Now she's the girl you met the other day. And she has proven to have a Dominate streak with the other gurls which is perfect for the rare Dominate program she's going into. Normally it's reserved for Woman who are taught how to control the new sissy maids. She will be perfect for you since she knows the ropes. You can always ask her questions and get info from her unlike the other Dommes and senior Gurls. She is a very affectionate lover and will more likely make love to you then to simply bang you."

Mistress Dumas moved her foot off me and walks around her desk and sat back down. "Her Room is in the left wing," she said. She then grins while adding, "Room 42. A
The Lilith Society: Chapter 2
London wakes up to find his body totally changed. After an inspection by Dr Michelle he goes to meet the Head Mistress herself.

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My name is London Taft. Or was. I was a assistant at a high profile law firm. 5'6" and 150 lbs. Brown hair and brown eyes. I was in charge of closing a deal with a high standing agreement with two successful companies. One however was losing money the longer the deal went unfinished. Apparently I was dragging my feet. I admit, I pretty much took my time cause...well I was lazy and young. I was 24 and just about to finish law school in a few months. It got so bad that the head of that company herself, Lorana O'Neal, founder of Liztec industries and CEO, visited my office. As she walked into my office I noticed she was big. Not big as it fat. Tall at 6'4" without her 6 inch heels. What looks like e cup breast and she was ripped. The mini skirt that went with her black dress suit showed off her muscular thighs. The bright red hair that was in a bun though let the bangs just flowed above her bright Green eyes. At the time I thought it was to much. I would never lust after a woman bigger then me. I was a take charge kinda guy. This woman however had dominance radiating all over her. She made me feel small which I didn't like. We shook hands and I can feel her squeeze my hand a little harder then it should be as she took her seat afterwards. We went over the figures and as I was making excuses, and  she was not hearing it.
"I am losing a few hundred thousand dollars every week this doesn't get done," she said forcefully. Seems like the type that throws her weight around. "I need you focused on this. We need to get this deal done."
"Oh quit your complaining," I replied back. "The deal will get done soon. I'm the best you have to get this settled. Keep your cock in your panties."
"Excuse me?"
"Listen I'm on this. Let me do my job."
"Did you just call me a she-male?"
"Maybe I did. Yes I called you a she-male." She rose up from her chair and pointed her long nailed finger at me.
"Listen to me you little shit. You hurry up and get this deal finished, and you get it done soon. If I lose another five million dollars you will be sorry." After that she stormed out of my office and slammed my door. At the time I was thinking "Heh you have another 12 billion in your bank account." Goddess help me was I wrong. Had I known then what I known now. I would have got the deal done in a week. It didn't get done for another 5 months. I mean what was she going to do? I worked at a law firm. At the final meeting she didn't look upset any ways. We were in her office building when all the papers were signed. We shook hands, again she squeezed it a little too hard and she winked at me. She left the conference room with a smile on her face. Heh I thought she was happy. But she was smiling about something else.
"She seems happy." I turned to see a vision in the room I didn't notice before. She was 5'9" black hair DD bust and black and white suit that looked like it was painted on. Her deep blue eyes had me feinting almost.
"And you are?" I asked her. I was a little to lost for words at her beauty.
"Cardixia la Mans. Miss O'Neal's accountant." We shook hands. A firm grip. What the hell was up with these Liztec women?
"Oh London Taft."
"Nice to meet you. By the way, she really didn't lose that much money. She'll make it up in a few months. Would you like to get out of here?"
"You read my mind. Where do you want to go?" I ask as we are making our way down the elevator.
"I know this place, come on I'll drive you." She took my hand and lead me to her her car once we got to the parking garage. She opened the door to her white hundred thousand dollar car.
"Are you sure your only her accountant?"
"Oh I've been her accountant for a long time." She drove the car to this little bar and we found a seat. The female bartender gave her our drinks and we sat, drank, and talked. After a few I started to get doozy. She smiled at me and got up. Then a few tall woman picked me up and then I fell into black. I woke up in a dark room with a single light on me. I was tied to a chair and naked. I looked around but nothing was in the room. After about a minute the door opened. I saw a tall dark shape emerge. Then I made out the person that was my captor. Lorana O'Neal. She walked closer to me so I could get a good look at her. She wore a black and red latex business style suit. Of course her giant breast were all out on display.
"Hello Mr. Taft. I hope you are feeling better."
"You sick bitch," I replied. "You kidnapped me. You'll pay for this."
"I don't think so little boy. You see I'm part of a much bigger society. A society of extremely rich and powerful woman. One that can make you disappear without even a trace."
"But there were witnesses. People that saw your accountant leave with me. Cameras in the parking lot. People at the bar."
"Humph. Do you realized that with the exception of your people there were only women involved in our meeting?" She's right. "Did the thought come up that I own that building that we were in." Shit. "And did you also know that the people at the pub was also all woman?" Now that I thought about it. "Oh I forgot to tell you. There are 30 thousand of us in America alone. Not to mention those that we own and converted to our side. Something we're about to do with you."
"I will never convert. I will never join your sick and twisted club."
"See that's where you're wrong. You will join us or be our slave forever."
"The police will find me."
"That is another thing I forgot to mention. The wife of the police chief is part of our group. She owns her husband literally. And one of his female lieutenants is in charge of kidnappings. First of all she won't get your report until next week, unless your family sends out one this weekend. And you haven't been missing for 48 hours. And no one will know you're missing until Monday. It's only Saturday morning now. And when they do put in the report they'll do the same "looking around and searching." But they will never find you. All video you were in after the meeting will be lost. Your existence as London Taft will be no more. A new name will be decided for you."
"New name?"
"Oh yes. And it will all be done legally." She ran her nails though my hair. "Beside. You need a girl name."
"What? A girl's name?"
"Of course. You will be a beautiful she-male. Since you seem to think I'm one, we're going to make you into one. Well we make all the men into sissy she-males. You however are going to be a special case. Well not too special. You'll get a chance to have a normal life outside the society. Though you may still be called upon to serve here and there. But you'll live outside the building..if your worthy."
"If I'm worthy?"
"Why yes. You have to take a test after we turn you. You fail you have to stay here or at some other Mistress' house for two years. You can take the test again, but if you fail that your stuck with us. For life" I looked at her wide eyed. She can not be serious. She saw the fear in my eyes and smile.
"Oh don't worry. I'm sure you will pass with flying colors. You are such in good shape to be one. Thin, not to tall, good girlish features, And very pretty hair. The color will change but the feel will be the same."
"What..what are you going to do to me?"
"We have the best women science has to offer working with us. They have come up with a very amazing genetic and safe chemical that can be put into you. Your DNA make up will change. You will have a new blood type. If someone took blood from you and test it to your current blood type and DNA they would see that it would be very different. Your eyes will change color and so will your hair depending how you take the formula. You will have breast from as small as C cup to as big as H depending on your body type. You will have hips. Your face will take on female features. Oh don't worry..small changes in the face...people that may know you may do a double take if they see you on the street but they won't with your Adam's apple disappearing and the other changes they wouldn't think it's you the second time and by then your little slutty ass will be so used to being a girl you would never want to tell them who you really are any ways. The only good thing your male side would like is that pathetic thing between your legs will grow bigger. To at least 8 inches..maybe larger. One girl grew to 14 inches. She has a hard time keeping it in her panties. Make me wet just thinking about it. Oh and you'll have a craving for cock. Well at least your fellow sisters' cocks. Your body will be giving off a special hormones that will make others like you crave you. You can fight it all you want but soon temptation will take over and you will cave in. I've seen former football player come in here and get a drastic change over. You would never tell she was a big beefy line backer. And there is nothing she would rather want then her lovers cock in her mouth and ass. Oh and this is a lesbian establishment. So you would not have to be forced to fuck some real guy. Unless that's what you want."
"Please let me go." I was becoming desperate. I didn't want to be that freak they were going to make me. She got into my face and beamed me with her eyes and cursed at me.
"Listen to me you little shit. Had you got your work done on time you wouldn't be in this situation. You owe me money...and since you don't have it in your pathetic back account then you will just owe me your life. Why yes I know how much is in your accounts. What your credit history is.... your expenses...every thing!"
Shit I'm fucked. What was I going to do?
"Oh," she smiled as she went on. "If you do pass this test you will be allowed to have with your family. But you will be located to another state. Your piratically are now."
"Where am I?"
"You'll find out months from now. But by then you will look like a beautiful woman with a big cock in your panties and boobs that will hypnotize any man. That's a fact."
She walked to the door her ass jiggling in all the right places in her latex. When she opened the door two tall women entered and untied me. I tried to fight them off but they were both so strong I couldn't break free of them. I guess I have been under so long my body feels weak. They lugged me out of the room and followed Lorana down a long white hall. She went into a room and the woman followed her bringing me along.
"Miss Ceana(kay na), Miss Dearbhail(jir vel), please place him on the table. Be sure to strap him down tight."
"Yes Mistress Lorana," they said in unison. And they did. On my wrist and arms feet and legs and my torso and my head. All had a wide belt attached to it to keep me stiff on the table. above me was a machine with eleven needles sticking out of it. I was terrified. I panicked. And started to yell for help.
"No one is going to help you silly boy," Lorana said with a smile. "And it's necessary to have all these needles so that you will get full affect. Dr. Michelle would you please take his blood so we can see what color he will be." With that a beautiful brunette in a lab coat walked over to me with a syringe in her hand."
"I will be happy too Mistress O'Neil. I can't wait to see how this one turns out." With that she put the needle in me and took my blood. After she was finished she put a bandage on my little wound and walked over to another machine. "If you don't mind me asking Mistress O, do you know who her mentor will be?"
"That will be up to Mistress Dumons..but I had given a recommendation of Miss la Mans to be her mentor. She needs a new girl this year for her final. I think this one be a perfect job since they met already?"
"You you mean that bitch that led me to that way!" I was pissed no way she would be my what ever.
"Little boy you have no say. The head Mistress will choose for you."
"Mistress O. The test is in..we have an Aithne."
"Hmmm load the machine. We turn her now."
"Yes Mistress O." With that the needles came closer and closer and I couldn't help but pass out."
The Lilith Society: Chapter 1
Story I first started posting on a while ago. London is a lazy legal assistant who is in over his head. Now he faces being turned into a she-male. what's he going to be like.  

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I awoke to what felt like a log on my chest. It was Valania's arm. My goddess was sleeping right next to me with her arm laying over me. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and reflect on the night. We fucked the hell out of each other. More like she fucked the hell out of me. My ass and cunt felt like shit. I said cunt. I feel so dirty, so naughty. And I love it. We did it on the floor, on the couch, on the kitchen table, up against the wall, in the bedroom on the bed, and off the bed. She even shoved that monster in my ass. It hurt at first then, totally full, then a little pleasure, the absolute pleasure. I have to have that thing in my ass again. I know once I have it again, I would be addicted. Now I want to do all the kinky stuff I know she wants to try. I have turned into a slut for her cock over night. I don't want her to leave. I left her arm lightly so I could get up from the bed. I need a shower terribly. I went into my bathroom and started the shower. I let the water flow over me. I washed the nastiness and cum off of me. I started to scrub my body. It felt so good to be clean. Then I heard her. I looked through my shower curtain to have a peek at my goddess. You can just make her out. The curtain is to dark on her side so she wouldn't be able to see me. She lifts the toilet seat and starts to pee standing up. My eyes widen. She knows I'm taking a shower. And yet she's still taking a piss. I was becoming entranced by it as well. I had to look away. I wanted to push my fingers into my cunt right then. God she was still going. I was aroused by her peeing. Jesus what's wrong with me? My nipples went rock hard. She stopped. Thank god. I was starting to have fantasies. The she spoke:
"Tierra, baby," she said in that most wonderful accent. "May I join..." She stopped mid-sentence and smiled at me. I looked at her funny and then realized two fingers from both of my hands were deep in my pussy. I blushed bright red, but I couldn't take my fingers out of my dripping cunt. In fact they didn't stop. I was over come with embarrassment.  But my fingers continued to pump in and out of my pussy. She was going to ask if she can join me but she invited herself in any ways with out my approval. She took my fingers out my cunt and brought them to her lips. She put them in her mouth and sucked them lovingly. I was so turned on I think I was cumming cause the pleasure was so intense. And she was just sucking my fingers. Valania then let them go and bent down to kiss me. I swooned. I kissed back like my life depended on it. I had to be on my tiptoes but I did it. She held me tight in the embrace. She held me by my ass and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around her as she held me tight to her. My amazon squeezed me to her wonderful boobs while still locked in a kiss. I yearned for her and I felt that giant monster poking my thigh.  I whimpered my approval as I felt her fingers move between us and move the tip to my little honey pot.  The moan that came out of my mouth was priceless. If I was Valania, I would have thought it was cute and adorable as to moan to beg for it.
"You vant my cock, don't you baby, " She whispered after taking her lips off mine. I whispered back:

"Please give it to me. I....I have to have it please."

"Mmmmm, please tell me more. Beg vor it." She was serious. She wanted me to beg. I wasn't the type of person but I couldn't stand not having her cock in me. I Totally broke down.

"Please Valania. Give me your cock. I...I want it in me."

"Louder, baby. I can not hear you."

"I really want your cock! Please....please give it to me!" I was crying out load for her to fuck me with that monster. I needed it. I wanted it in my dripping cunt.

"Oh yes baby I vill give it to." She slowly pushed the head of her huge tool into my cunt. I moaned like a fucking slut. We were in the shower but I knew my pussy was dripping. I was feeling so full and only the head was in me. And then she pushed more. Even after all the fucking we did the night before I felt like I was going to split in two with every inch that went into me. It felt so much bigger then it did last night. How the fuck could that be? Then she stopped to bend down and nibble my neck. I squeaked a little cause I wasn't expecting it. Valania did this for a minute with out moving her cock at all. I was squirming a bit, loving her mouth on my neck. Then she let up but when I turned to look to see what she was doing, she shoved the rest of that monster into my cunt. I cried out in sheer pain and pleasure. It was was a total mix as I came and came. My Goddess held me tight as I came down from a that crazy orgasm. Then all hell broke loose. She then slowly pulled out. I slightly moaned as she only held the head in me. Then she thrust that son of a bitch into me. I screamed so load it had to been heard down stairs. And I think I came again but I couldn't be sure. They started to all go together. She thrust and thrust and thrust in and out of me. We fucked for seemed like hours. But in reality only a few minutes. She flooded my hole with what seemed like a gallon of milk. I felt it flooding out of me with my own cum. I cried out with each of her last thrust. I held onto her tightly shivering. First from the orgasm that had just raged over me. But then I felt the water getting cold. Her cock got soft in me as she turned around so that the water wasn't hitting me. She let me down a little as she reached back to turn the water off. My Goddess wrapped me in a towel and helped me dry off. She helped me out of the tub and kissed me all over.

We kissed and she helped me into the bedroom. I went to put some panties and sleep shirt on. She herself put on her clothes. "I am going to go get a change of cloves and some vood for us," she spoke as she tried to belt herself into her corset. She seemed a little to tired to put it on as she threw up her hands as grabbed her long coat. "Is there anything in particular you want, my love?"
"No baby," I replied. "I'll let you pick. After the pizza place, I trust your judgment. Please hurry, I'm starving." She smiled at me, and walked out the door.

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I run out the door to the place where I was to meet Valania. I was early and sat at the little shop outside on one of the tables. I order some coffee and sat and wait on my dream goddess. In a matter of minutes she was there.

"Tierra," she exclaimed. "I'm tho glad you came."
"Valania," I said back. I stand up to hug her. She towered over me already without her heels but they seem to make her giant. I wrap my arms around her as she did the same to me. I went head first into her massive breast. I loved it. All I wanted to do was kiss and suck on them. My dreams had made me an addict before I felt the real thing. She held me tight saying what I believe is "so cute" in her language. She finally let me go and sat down. I sat with and we finally ordered our food. We sat and chatted about nothing and everything during out meal. I told her I bought stock from her company and she smiled and said it was a good idea.

"Our thtock iv quite on de raise," she told me matter-of-factlly. "If it thtays de way it iv vright now, it vill be be up a lot more. Though ov courth nothing is predicable. But I am in good hopes that it vill thtay up for along time." We both talked some more until Valania gave me a shock.

"Tierra, I veally like you. And de fact that ve are both bi is also a good thing, no?" I nodded wondering where things will go from here. "Tho I was thinking.....could you go out vith me to dinner and to a club?" I widen my eyes. I wasn't sure what to think. She was asking me out. She was beautiful and saw hope in her eyes. How can I refuse her.
"Of course I will Valania. I would be happy to."
"Yay! I am tho happy. Thank you Tierra, tho much." She got out of her chair and once again put her breast in my face as she hugged me. "Can I pick you up tomorrow night? Avound theven?"
"That's perfect Valania."
"Great. Thee you then, no?"
"Yes sweetie." We hugged and kissed and I watched her head back into the city as I stayed around the area to shop a little. What was I going to wear? And my real date in monthes....almost a year.

As I got home I started going through my closet. What the fuck was I going to wear? She said clubbing so I looked for one of my sexiest dresses. I found my little black dress. This little thing left very little to the imagination. It starts just below my ass and goes up just above my nipples. If this doesn't turn her on I don't know what will. Usually I don't put out on the first date, but with Valania invading my dreams every night I rather have the real her then her dreamy double. I put a thong underneath it and fix my hair and make up. I looked hot. I'd fuck me. Geez has my dry spell lasted that long? I slipped on my 5 inch heels and sat in the living room to wait on the queen amazon. It was just 6:57 when there was a knock on the door. I got up took a deep breath and walked to the door. I look through my peep hole and all I saw was exposed cleavage. Yep it's her. I breathed again and open the door. I was shocked at what she was wearing. She was wearing a very tight latex corset which pushed out her boobs more then the were already are. Her skirt was knee length also latex and was wearing very high heeled knee high boots. She wore a latex trench coat over it all. Her black hair was in a high pony tail and was pulled back severly. Her make up was total dominatrix. I was a bit intimidated but I wanted her.
"oh my gosh Mistress valania," i said jokingly. "what do you wish of me, my queen?" i only meant the "my queen" part. though i think i would totally be her love slave if she wanted at this point.

"Tiera, you thilly girrrl,"she said with a wicked smile. "I would never do that.....well maybe not on thee virlst date, yes?" She winked at me then laughed when my jaw dropped. "Let us thee iv ve are a match virlst, no?" With that she hugged me and I once again went head first into her boobs. I looked up only for her to kiss my forehead. She let me lock the door took my arm in hers and lead me out the building. She hailed a cap and we heading into the night.

"Where are we going, Valania?" I asked her puzzled to where she likes to eat.
"You Americans love your pizza, no?"
"Pizza? Here? I haven't seen any since I've been here. I have been craving pizza for the longest time."
"Yes. there is one on thee other thide of the thity. Traditional thtyle new york pizza. It is the best I have ever eaten. I take all my virlst dates there. They thay to take your dates to the best. And I veel they are." It's not really a romantic first date but hell she's offering me pizza. She's won my heart. How can I say no. It's pizza. Pizza I haven't had in almost a year. About twenty minutes later the cab dropped us off. The place looked part of the city, and I could not pronounce the name. But when I walked in it was like I was back at Tony's in New York. Looked old but current. It smelled like olive oil, tomatoes and cigarettes.
I love it. had she taken me somewhere else before this place I would totally have been disappointed. She walked in and up to one of the old guys that was sitting at one of the tables.

"Anthony!"she exclaimed.
"Valania!" Anthony returned. "Where have you been my darling?" he spoke very good English with very little accent other then New York Italian.
"Vorking my Vriend. This is my date Tierra."
He man took my hand kiss it. Though I wouldn't ever date a man like him at his age he was very charming and I'm sure his wife found him more so back when they first met. "It is such a pleasure to meet such a most beautiful woman."
"You too kind," I spoke taken back by the compliment. I'm not that beautiful am I?"
"An American? Valania, you impress me. How did you find an American here?"
"Oh Anthony," she responded. "Ve met in Vlostas. I thought thee vas very pretty."
"That she is. What it is tonight my dear? Your usual?"
"Vhat kind of pizza do you like, Tierra?"
"Pepperoni with extra cheese."

"Really? Mine too. Vone exthra large Anthony, please. A bowl ov thalad and thome garlic bread, athvell my vriend."
"For you hoeny, anything." We sat in a booth against the wall to the kitchens right. The resturant was a little busy but not overly busy like most american places. It was comforting. The pizza came out and it was a thing of beauty. Totally cheesy, totally greasy, totally delicious. Just as good as it's New York version. Valania ate more then half. With a body like that I'm not surprised. She was ripped and I'm sure she works out. I ate the 3 slices she didn't eat. Maybe I'll be heavier then normal but I didn't care. I haven't had pizza in a long long time. Valania excused herself to go to the restroom. As soon as she left Anthony came over to the table.
"She's very beautiful is she not?" he asked.

"Very beautiful," i responded.
"She has some very big heartbreaks. There was a one year stretch where she brought girl after girl every week or every other week. Each time it's because of who she is."
"That's very sad. I didn't know it was that bad."
"Please do me one favor, my dear."
"Do not break her heart. Give her your love for more then a few days. Let her in to your life and heart."
"I'll try. I think she's a wonderful person."
"Thank you my dear." He kissed my hand again just as Valania came up to our table.
"Veady to go,"she asked.
"Been ready, honey. Just waiting on your tall sexy ass," I said with a wink.
"Ahh you are vlirting, I like. Come thweetie, let's go drink and dance." She helped me up out of my chair and I shot back.
"Trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me darling?"
"Haha. I am not that type ov girl." I looked back to Anthony and he smiles and nodded as we left. We walked out and Valania hailed another cab.

The club was amazing. Again I couldn't pronounce it. Valania had a wonderful body under that coat. Her latex dress came just over her ass and of course her breast were open for business. The dress barley covered her nipples. I wanted to pull it down and lick them. We danced the night away. And the way she held me during the slow songs was comforting. During the fast song it was like we were fucking. I did get a chance to lick her right nipple through the latex. I can hear her moan. she held me close and I ground my pussy to her leg and I just kept sucking. My cunt dripped all over her leg as I continue to love her nipple. After the song ended she led me to the bar for one last drink before asking:
"Can ve please go, lover?" she asked. she was so turned on I can see it in her eyes.
"Mmmm my place or your's?" I replied.
"Your's baby."

We finished our drinks and hailed a cab. We cuddled on the way to my place. Hurrying to my apartment and I fumbled with me keys. We almost bust the door down. I slammed the door behind us and I jumped on Valania and kissed her full on the lips. She held me and returned it eagerly. She walked us over to my leather couch and lays me down with her on top of me. Normally I would think a man her size would crush me. But not my new lover. I felt enveloped. I felt comfort. She kiss my neck and I moaned and held on to her. She rose up and took the hem of my little black dress and literally pulled it up and off of me in one swipe. I was naked save for my thong and even that was quickly ripped off.

She got between my legs and started to make love to my wet slit. I was in heaven. Now I have had many lovers lick me down there. The women have been the best. This woman however....was far superior then the rest. She licked my clit, my lips, inside my pussy, the outer edges of it, and around my thighs. She was biting, sucking licking and kissing all over the place that I couldn't keep up. I was cumming all over her face. I felt wetness pour out of me as I buck and screamed. She looked up from my sex breathing hard her face wet with my juices.

"That is von of the most erotic things I have ever experianths," she said licking her lips. "No von has ever creamed on me like wath so beautiful." She leaned back down and licked my wetness a few more times.

"Oohhh valania," I gasp. "I have had no one make love to me like that. You are the best pussy licker that I know."

"Mmm vell I am not done vith you yet my love. I just hope you do not look on me with dithcust ven you see me. "I looked at her confused as she started to take off her clothes. When she got down to her thong I was still wondering what she meant. She looked beautiful.....her f-cup breasts looked beautiful. Her body was firm and muscular...but not body builder type. To me...she was perfect. Then with a look of worry in her eyes you bend down and pulled her thong down her legs and off. When she stood back up, what came out from between her thighs amazed me. She did a very good job of hiding it. It had to be the biggest cock I have ever seen. Had to be almost a foot long and about 3 inches around. How the hell?

"Your..your a shemale?" I asked still confused but at the same time amazed.

"Umm in a vay,"she stummored. She then lifted up her dick to reveal she had no balls but a pussy. I was even more shocked.
standing in front of me was a true hermaphrodite. A beautiful one at that. I was still totally at aw.
"You as dithcusted. I vill leave now. Thorry to get your hopes up." She started to get her clothes when I realized that she is what I wanted. The reason I haven't had a regular lover in the past two years. I got up off the couch and grabbed her hand that was picking up her dress. She look at me confused. But I sad nothing. I figured the best way to convince her to stay was to get on my knees and kiss the tip of her huge cock, which I did. I looked up at her as I sucked and kissed the tip of her wonderful cock. She looked down at me in complete surprise but also I saw a tear rolled down her cheek as she smiled as well. I think she is happy that I accepted her which I do. I try to take as much of her cock into my mouth as I can. I only got about 7 inches or so but is was so big and also so wonderful. I sucked her cock some while I use my free hand to touch her dripping cunt. She was so hard and also so wet. This was so erotic as I fingered her pussy and sucked her dick. It was such a turn on that I was also dripping as well. I wanted her cum, I had not always wanted to swallow because men's cum because it always tasted to salty. But as I tasted her pre-cum it was so much better. It was so sweet and I just wanted more. She started to fuck my face a little faster. I could tell she wanted to cum in my mouth so bad. I was now cumming without being touched as this was the most erotic thing I have ever done. I started to gag a little as more and more of her cock pushed into my mouth. I relaxed my throat to allow her access. She started to pant and I knew she was about to cum as her pre-cum started to come out a little more each time.
"Oh lover,"she said as she grabbed my hair. "I...I am going to cum...Ohh yes oh." She pushed her cock all the way in as my nose touched her pelvis and cum started to come out. It was to much as a lot of it spilled out of my mouth as I pulled back from her, drooling. She was still not done cumming as more and more spilled out of her cock and some went down my throat or out of my mouth to run down my chin and breast. She finally stopped as she pulled it from my mouth. I looked at her.. at her cock. It was wet and looked so beautiful on her.
April Rain: Chapter 2
Tiarra And Valania go on a date. Then some late night sexual loving back at Tiarra's house. But she finds out Valania's secrete. 

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I sit here in this little European coffee shop on a dreary rainy Wednesday afternoon. An American woman looking for love in a world away. I guess that's what I'm doing. Being a daughter of a well to do stock broker, well late stock broker. My dad died alone years ago. My mother died when I was 2. Dad taught me everything I know about buying selling and trading stock. Enough that he left me all of it when he died and I created my own successful stock trade website with a friend of mine. He's good as well but a little sneaky. I guess you can be devious in trading, but he just creeps me out with his tactics sometimes even though it works. Last year I got out of a bad relationship. It ended with me kicking him in the balls and calling the police. The five jerks I dated. I vowed it would be the last. While I tried to date women I found that I got along with them really well, but in the bedroom I was left a little frustrated. While I loved their oral, I could never really climax even with toys and vibrators. I found out I needed real live dick. I even tried transvestites and she-male but most of them were very small cocks and fake breast turned me off(even with real women). I moved to this little European city with my partner watching everything on the home front and me watching things via the internet. Hey we are both getting paid still so he didn't complain. I was in chat at the moment with him on my laptop looking a figures for this month. I was telling him the people here are different but now much the same. I have been there for six months and was just about to go back home. Before I was able to type that, I heard the door to the coffee shop ring the bells announcing new people coming in. My jaw dropped. There in long beautiful black hair was this amazon goddess. She was wearing a black leather rain coat and pin stripped mini skirt that came to just above the knee. She wore black silk stockings and her top under the jacket was a white blouse which look ready to spit buttons with her black under bust vest squeezing in her tummy and her huge breast. I mean bigger then DD. I was mesmerized. She pushed her hair over to the front of her body which was in a long ponytail. Even without the six inch heel stilettos she was tall. I broke out of my dazed and typed the description of this woman to my partner. He could care less as he wants a girl he can control.
auburnca$h:your such a sleaze.
big_daddy_boy:hey i love my women shorter then me.
auburnca$h: whatever. i guess that's why you have boy in your name.
big_daddy_boy: hey a man has to make up from something. the ladies like me.
auburnca$h: cause you have money not because your "Big".
big_daddy_boy: I'm hurt. your own partner.
auburnca$h: oh fuck off. i am going to stare at this woman for awhile. there is no way those breast are that big and not be fake.
big_daddy_boy:fine. lol. so stare. I'm off to check the dow. catch ya later.
I didn't respond to him. I logged off the chat to "look" at my old local paper. i peeked over my screen to see that my goddess had sat in front of me two tables away. she pulled out a book from her bag and began reading it while sipping her hot drink. The title was in English. "The Lust of Portia". I went to a book web site and looked it up. As I read the book's description I realized that my girl was a pervert. The book about a girl named Portia who goes to a small island owned by a countess/dominatrix. All hell breaks loose as she is thrown into the depths of BDSM pleasure. I never tried BDSM or any kind of bondage. But apparently my goddess did, or at least had fantasies about it. As I kept peeking over the screen I know she caught my glances a few times. She seemed to blush. Hey, when did she put those glasses on. The think blacked rimmed glasses. They looked wonderful on her. Which made me look over to her more. Again she knew i was watching her. She kept looking at me too. She stayed there for a half hour or so and finished her coffee. She put her glasses and book away and got up she seemed to sigh and went to walk past me she smiled a little, which looked like a sad smile and left the coffee shop. I shivered when the bells clanged. I should go too. I got up and pulled out my umbrella and left the shop. I walked in the rain thinking of nothing else but her. As I got home and put my wet things away, all I thought about her. As I made and ate dinner, all I thought about was her. And when I went to sleep, all I dreamt about was her. I remembered the dream. She was making sweet love to me in all sorts of positions. I woke up with a wet bed. I had my first wet dream. The lower part of the sheets were soaked. I was embarrassed. I put the sheets in the wash and had something to eat. Man what was going on. I went back to the coffee shop a few times afterward but never saw her. She plagued my dreams though. Every night she made love to me in my dreams. And every morning I had to wash the sheets. What was going on? I stopped going to the coffee shop. She wasn't going there any ways. Her book looked to be in English so maybe she was not a local and was just passing through. I started to read "The Lust of Portia" on line. Big mistake for my sheets. Now instead of her just making love to me in my dreams, she whipped me, spanked me, and bound me. My dream self seemed to like and so did my real pussy. What was happening to me. I wanted to find out. The next day, which was a rainy day i went back to the coffee shop. I stayed there for hours. When I was just about to give up the bells dinged. There she was. Wearing something similar to what she wore last time. She had to be a goddess. It was one of the only beings that could be in my dreams all night every night. I had to talk to her. I had to confront the wonderful sexy being that has been keeping my pussy in auto drive in my sleep. She was standing in line and I walked up behind her as if ready to order. I wanted to say something but was confused as to what. We had two people in front of us so I had a little time. Her cell phone went off. She answered it and her accent was amazing. As she talked in her local language my pussy went into over drive. Then I saw what I could say to her. Not all of the menu was in English which made my move a lot easier.
"Excuse me," I said to her as I tapped on her shoulder. "Can you help me out please."
"Ohh,"she said. My cunt drooled. "Vat is it that you need help."
"I'm American and I haven't learned all of your language and I need help to know what that says on the menu. Please?"
"Ohh is that all? I Vill help you, those are teas."
"Ohh tea. I love tea. What kind are they?" She was telling me and my pussy throbbed. I wanted to cum bad. I was shaking and I was leaking. She was so perfect I wanted her so bad. My uneasiness must have shown.
"Are you alvite?"she said looking concern.
"Um um" I muttered unsure what to say. "I need to go use the restroom. Been drinking for a few hours. Um can you order me that one tea for me, please." I handed her some money.
"Ov course." She looked a little confuse as I ran to the rest room. I got into the stall and dug my hands into my panties and rubbed my clit. I was soo fucking wet. I came and came and came. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. I calmed down after my last orgasm and fixed myself. I looked into the mirror wondering what I have turned into and went back out to the floor of the shop. She was sitting at my table, I guess making sure the drink got to me. As I got to the table I apologized.
"I'm so sorry about that," I told her still a little shaken.
"No it is quite alvite," she responded. "Do you mind i sit at yourv table? It seems that the others or taken, no?" What are you kidding of course you can, you sexy European goddess.
"Sure. My name is Tierra."
"I'm Valania." I sat down and chatted with this beautiful woman. We seemed to talk about anything. I told her my story and she thought it was wonderful that I could be working and on vacation at the same time. I told her it wasn't always that easy. She herself was an accountant at a local big business. She told me the company and I thought it sounded very familiar. I turned on my laptop and look down the list of my clients and share holders. There it was. I showed her that her company was part of the major rising stock and that they had a lot oh hits and buyers of their stock. She smiles seeing that we were linked in business. I was thinking we were linked in other ways see as I was dreaming about her. Soon out conversation turned to sex. Turns out we are both bi and single. I told her my situation. Liking dick but missing the softness of a woman's touch. Her's she kept under wraps though she said a lot of people would freak out and usually wouldn't stay around her. Most would just want to be friends while others she would never hear from again. She must be pretty kinky or have some kind of crazy fetish. It would be the only explanation. I asked her why would they do that. She blushed and just said that they turned out not to like her. Now she's really mysterious. Just then her cell phone went off. Some kind of local style of music which I find charming, cause it was very beautiful.
"Hello," she answered. "Ahh Tristianna!" After that she talked into her native language. Again I was finding it very arousing to hear her talk like that. It was so sexy. How could people man or woman, not love her? She was charming. She was sexy. How could anyone not want to stay with her? She must have some sort of dark secret. I wanted to know. Apparently I was staring and maybe be drooling cause she was off the phone and looking at me weird. "Are you alvite?"
"Oh yeah," I stuttered trying to not sound turned on. "I just feel like your language is very pretty."
"Oh,"she blushed as red as a soda can. "Stop it. Tis not that thexy. Most Americans can not underthand me."
"Most of us are stupid any ways."
"Oh but you aren't. You are very smart to be vere you are. I commend you for that. Very beautiful as well." She thinks I'm beautiful? Has she looked in a mirror lately? No one compares to her.
"Thank you sweetie."
"Oh I only speak the thruth, yes? I love your hair." I love your whole body. She was making me blush now. Now it was time to get some nerve.
"It's not raining tomorrow, can I meet you for lunch?"
"Sure. Do you know the vittle bakery, malfortch?"
"Yeah I know that place. Great pastries."
"Great! Can I thee you there at maybe 1:00, no?"
"Yes you can. I'll be there."
"Vonderful." We got up and hugged each other. She kissed my cheek and I kissed hers. I packed up and followed her out the coffee shop. We both started walking the same way so we chatted as we walked. After a few minutes it seemed that we lived closer to each other then I thought. We finally made it to my apartment.
"Iv's this vere you live?" she asked.
"Yes it is," I replied.
"How funny. I just lived vight over there across the vay." She pointed to about a few blocked away across the street. My goddess live so close to me. I was so giddy. We hugged and kisses again and I watched her from my door. True to her word she walked about a few blocks crossed the street and entered an apartment building. I rushed into my room, stripped totally naked, found my favorite vibrator, and spent the next 3 hours getting myself off. That's right every time I came I wanted more until my vibe's batteries died and my body couldn't take anymore pleasure. I sat there wet with sweat and my own juices loving the the after glow. I felt that I must have passed out cause it was then my goddess came to me in a most wonderful loving dream. She made love to me slow sweet. She seemed like she was fucking me like a man but she wasn't wearing a strap on but my pussy felt full. I didn't see anything below our crotches. When we climaxed she held me as I nuzzled into her massive breast. I asked her how she was able to come into my dreams.
"Tis only the view ov vat's to come." She kissed me on my lips and when I opened my eyes I was back in the real world. I blinked a few times and notice a gross smell. It was me of course. I had slept the night away. It was now 7 in the morning. I went to the bathroom peed and showered. I scrubbed myself good knowing I was going to meet the girl of my dreams in mere hours. I slipped in a pair of panties and a camisole. I stripped my bed for the thousandth time in the last few weeks. I replaced the sheets and made the bed up. I ate a light breakfast of toast and juice with coffee. Then my sheets I took to the wash and as that happened I sat and read a paranormal romance/fantasy book. After I switched the sheets to the dryer I went to check my stocks. Everything looked good as I got the updates. I checked Valania's company's holdings. Their rise was awesome. Forty percent in the last few weeks. I picked up my phone and dialed up my partner.
"Damn Tierra," he said groggily. I forgot it's 4 am over where he is right now. "Can't you wait until it's sun up?"
"Awww but the sun has been up for hours," I teased. Serves him right the jerk. He's probably only been asleep for 4 hours.
"Not where I'm at right now."
"Awwww poor baby. I need you to do something for me."
" I need you to buy Ten shares of Lonof & Vlon Scheglth industrial."
"Ten? Why?"
"Their stock has been up 40% since 3 weeks ago. I just saw it. I wonder why you haven't?"
"Hey! You know me. I stay away from Europe if I can help it."
"Oh you know stock is high here."
"Well still doesn't compare to good old American trade."
"Just do it. And shut up and then you can go back to bed."
"I have to be up in 3 hours. Can't I do it then?"
"No. Stop whining you big baby."
"Sheesh. You are a slave driver." There were silenceand some groaning and finally. "Ok done. You happy now, mistress?"
"Don't start. You know you would love it if I flew back over and made you my sex slave. The problem would be I would have to use my strap on a lot."
"You wish, you crazy bitch. Anyway can I go to bed now?"
"Yes you man slut you may."
"Next time call me at a descent hour." He hung up after that. I love making him squirm like that. I went back to my book for a few hours until it was time for me to get ready for my lunch date. I hopped into a pair of tight blue jeans and just decided the my camisole was top enough. I put my 2 inch sandals, a small pursem, and headed out the door.


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